West Lake - an attractive place you should visit on the weekends

There is no need to visit any special places on the weekends; West Lake in Hanoi is also an interesting destination you should take into account. Whether you are interested in joining in recreational activities, shopping, eating or playing sports, all services available in this place can totally satisfy you.

1. Entertain

Some places around West Lake attract numerous tourists on the weekends. Its most outstanding destination is Water Park. Summer days from May to July can be likely the best time to come. Although there are not many travellers visiting from August, water park still keeps its own attractiveness. You can soak yourself under the cool water or take part in such adventurous games as sliding on the high chute-the-chute.

West Lake is also a place of sailing pedalo. It is much more ideal and interesting because of its large and open space, in comparison to other places.

If you are a fan of romantic things, you should choose a yatch to sailing around the lake. Yatch usually lies at the intersection of Thuy Khue St. and Thanh Nien St.

In addition to, some cafes around the West Lake are also the favorite spots of young people. Most street cafes lie near the water park. If you are interested in the luxurious and elegant cafes, you had better go to the ones in the road parallel to Thuy Khue St.

2. Wander around

Many temples, communal houses, ancient pagodas lie along the 18,6-kilometer lakeside road. Locals here consider this street as the most famous historical road in Ha Noi. There are over 20 historic areas, like Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vong Thi Pagoda, etc.

In the first or fifteenth day of the lunar month, this place is much bustling. However, you can enjoy the peaceful and calm area when coming to this lake in the other periods. It is worth spending a whole evening on wandering around. Moreover, seeing the sunset’s beauty is another activity you should not miss.

3. Experience local cuisine

There are various food sold around the lake. The first attractive option is special ice-cream on the West Lake and shrimp cake on Thanh Nien St. When visiting these places in the hot days, you can see the long lines waiting for purchase. West Lake is also the area of luxurious restaurants with both Western and Asian style such as Sen Ho Tay, Thang Loi.

Spending one night with your family can bring the best memory. Or you can wander around the West Lake, and visit a street vendor offering grilled meat. Just simple activities like this can warm your heart.

4. Transport

The most popular and convenient transport is still motorbike. You don’t have to spend much time and effort on moving. The second favorite vehicle is environment-friendly transport- an electric car.

Although this system is quite new, many tourists choose it when travelling. West Lake not only has a great view, but it also supports locals to practice exercises or go. Every day, the lakeside road contains a great deal of people. They can make it more bustling and interesting.