Traveling to Hanoi and discovering its famous lakes

Apart from some popular destinations like the Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy, Uncle Ho Mausoleum or One Pillar Pagoda, these following lakes can also make your trip to Hanoi more interesting. They are the ones create the capital city’s natural beauty

1. Hoan Kiem Lake – Hoan Kiem District

Hoan Kiem Lake plays an important role in the life and feeling of local people. They consider it as the ancient Hanoi’s honorable symbol. Around the lake, there are many historical places. With the peaceful space, they give this city the classical and vintage beauty.

2. Ngoc Khanh Lake – Ba Dinh District

Located in Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, between Nguyen Chi Thanh St. and Pham Huy Thong St., Ngoc Khanh Lake brings the cool air to surrounding areas on the sunny days. Visiting this place, you can choose some famous cafes. They are the favorite places of many young people.

3. Thu Le Lake – Ba Dinh District

Thu Le is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hanoi. It lies at the intersection of Kim Ma St. and Nguyen Van Ngoc St., near Daewoo Hotel. Inside the park, there is a wide and beautiful lake. It contains a large oval land located in the middle. That is why local here give the name Thu Le to this place. It means that keeping a teardrop inside.

4. Giang Vo Lake – Ba Dinh District

Giang Vo Lake belongs to Ba Dinh District. This place contains a large number of populations. There also contain many cafes, hotels, and big restaurants.

5. Nghia Do Lake – Cau Giay District

Located opposite Vietnamese Ethnic Museum in Nghia Do Park, this lake keeps a mild climate and spacious area.

6. Hoan Cau Lake – Dong Da District

Situated in Dong Da District, some streets such as Hoang Cau, Mai Anh Tuan circle this lake. In front of the lake, there is a railway called Number One from Cat Linh to Ha Dong.

7. Van Lake – Dong Da District

Located on Imperial Academy St. near the Temple of Literature, this lake contains Kim Chau island and Phan Thuy Communal House. This belonged to the Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy in the past.

8. West Lake – Tay Ho District

Apart from Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi is famous for West Lake, which is the inspiration of many poems and songs about Hanoi. This is the largest natural lake. Its area is over 500 hectares, whereas the circumference is around 18 kilometers. Especially, Tran Quoc Pagoda located on the water surface makes the church more outstanding and beautiful.

At the northwest of West Lake, there is a water park and recreational area. Also, it contains many great destinations for dating.

9. Bay Mau Lake – Hai Ba Trung District

Situated inside Thong Nhat Park, this place is closed to some streets such as Dai Co Viet St., Le Duan St. With the total area about 28 ha, locals consider Bay Mau Lake, with two islands Thong Nhat and Hoa Binh, as the green lung inside the city center.