Some Useful Tips for visiting Quan Son Lake on the Weekends

Located in My Duc District of Hanoi, Quan Son Lake is a great destination that many people choose for the short trips around Hanoi within one day. This lake contains a beautiful landscape with many limestone mountains on the lakeside. In addition, there are various plants living on the water surface such as lotus, etc… Especially, when visiting in the period of lotus, you can totally enjoy its beauty while climbing and wandering around. If you are planning for the upcoming trip, you should take these following experiences for visiting Quan Son Lake into account.

When is the best time to visit Quan Son Lake?
You can travel to Quan Son Lake whenever you want. However, the best time fluctuates from mid-May to mid-June of the lunar year. In this period, many loti starts producing the most wonderful and majestic bloom. You can also see the other plants around Quan Son Lake if traveling on the other occasions.

How to come to Quan Son Lake?
There are some instructions to visit Quan Son. It is easy for going. You can use bus or motorbike to get there.

From Hanoi, follow the direction leading to Ha Dong; turn left when coming to Ba La and go straight to Van Dinh, Te Tieu.

• When riding a motorbike, pass Van Dinh Town; go along the dam to a crossroad in Dai Nghia Town. After crossing a field, you can see Quan Son Lake.

• In case you go by bus, get off the bus when it comes to Dai Nghia Town’s crossroad. Then, you should call a Mototaxi for taking you to Quan Son Tourist Area.

Where to stay in Quan Son Lake?
Where to stay when traveling to Quan Son Lake? Since it is a tourist place for a one-day trip, homestays or hotels do not offer good services. If you want to stay overnight, you can choose a homestay located near the arrival port. Apart from accommodation, you can buy food in this place or ask local people for help.

What to Eat When Visiting Quan Son Lake?
Are there any food stores offering local cuisine with affordable price? You had better prepare some meals when coming to Quan Son. Or you can buy food made of duck meat in Van Dinh.

Notes: There are many vendors in Van Dinh selling duck meat; you should choose the ones having many customers.

Are there any interesting things when visiting Quan Son Lake? Coming to this place, you have to pay VND25.000 (approximately 1.2 USD per person for entrance fee). You can cruise on the boat around the lake, and enjoy the beauty of water, mountain, and forest. Each boat contains around 4 people.

If you want to eat something or visit the temple, the ferryman will take you whenever you want to leave. In addition to, you should give him some tips.

Apart from traveling to Quan Son Lake within a day, you can continue to visit Boi Khe Pagoda located in Thanh Oai on the way back home or visit Chuong Village.

With some tips and advice for coming to Quan Son Lake, hope that it provides enough information you can use in your interesting one-day trip.