5 Most Beautiful and Romantic Lakes in Da Lat

Da Lat not only has colorful flower gardens, bumpy streets or wavy ramps, but it also contains wonderful lakes with clear water. These places keep a special attractiveness that totally catches tourists’ interests.

1. Xuan Huong Lake
Situated in the city center, this crescent-shaped lake becomes a symbolic icon of Da Lat. Visiting Xuan Huong Lake; tourists can come to some cafes near this place and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. To be more romantic, they will sail the boat together or cycle on the tandem around Xuan Huong Lake.

Wandering around Xuan Huong Lake on the early morning or late afternoon, you can see a thin fog covering water surface. At night, tourists usually go to the lakeshore for enjoying the mild chill and eat tasty street food.

2. Tuyen Lam Lake
Located 7 kilometers from Da Lat center, there are many pine primitive forest and plants covering the lake.

Depending on the change in seasons, Tuyen Lam Lake keeps its different beauty. On the dry and sunny days, there is much sunlight reaching the water surface, whereas, on the rainy or foggy weather, fog appears to cover most villages. You can hear a perfect combination from the sound of wind and rain in gloomy space.

Coming to Tuyen Lam Lake, you should not miss a chance to cruise on a yacht or sailboat. In addition to, it is great for enjoying the beautiful landscape and eating special food.

3. Than Tho Lake
Located on a high hill to the north of Da Lat City, Than Tho Lake lies inside the quiet pine forest. It is famous for a great destination called Hill two graves. Than Tho Lake attaches to the legends about love. This lake offers a lot of services for tourists to join. You can wander around to see water surface or ride a horse to experience the nomadic life.

4. Da Kia Lake – Suoi Vang
Suoi Vang Lake contains 2 main lakes, Da Kia and Ankoret. Besides, there is a wonderful and majestic stream named Ankoret. This is the first place building a hydroelectric power plant in Da Lat.

If you want to visit all areas around Da Kia Lake – Suoi Vang, you should come to Golden Valley, Ankoret Stream, Suoi Vang Dam or Da Kia Lake one by one. In addition, you can see an overview of this lake when standing on the top of Radar mountain (1950 meters in height) in Langbiang tourist areas .

5. Da Nhim Lake
Also called Don Duong Lake, Da Nhim Lake lies in Dran Town, Don Duong District. It is about 40 kilometers from Da Lat center. This is a perfect picture of nature, sky, mountain and plants. You can also cross and discover Ngoan Muc Hill, one of the most beautiful ones in Vietnam.

Da Lat is a Vietnam attractive city. It keeps many wonderful destinations waiting for your discovery. Definitely, it is worth spending a large amount of time on. I make sure that you will fall in love with this beautiful and romantic city.