5 Most Beautiful and Romantic Lakes in Da Lat

Da Lat not only has colorful flower gardens, bumpy streets or wavy ramps, but it also contains wonderful lakes with clear water. These places keep a special attractiveness that totally catches tourists’ interests.

1. Xuan Huong Lake
Situated in the city center, this crescent-shaped lake becomes a symbolic icon of Da Lat. Visiting Xuan Huong Lake; tourists can come to some cafes near this place and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. To be more romantic, they will sail the boat together or cycle on the tandem around Xuan Huong Lake.

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7 most beautiful natural lakes in Vietnam

Thac Ba Lake, Ba Be Lake, Tri An Lake, etc. are always the most interesting destinations that catch tourists’ interests. This is mainly because of their romantic beauty and majestic landscape.

1. Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai
Located about 160 kilometers from Hanoi, Thac Ba is one of three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam. It contains over 1.300 islands different from size, together with beautiful caves. You can make a reservation on the boat sailing around this place. It must be a great experience when seeing the beauty of the sky or join some local activities.

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Some Useful Tips for visiting Quan Son Lake on the Weekends

If you are planning for the upcoming trip, you should put some experiences from 365travel.asia for visiting Quan Son Lake into account. Located in My Duc District of Hanoi, Quan Son Lake is a great destination that many people choose for the short trips around Hanoi within one day. This lake contains a beautiful landscape with many limestone mountains on the lakeside. In addition, there are various plants living on the water surface such as lotus, etc… Especially, when visiting in the period of lotus, you can totally enjoy its beauty while climbing and wandering around. If you are planning for the upcoming trip, you should take these following experiences for visiting Quan Son Lake into account.

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Traveling to Hanoi and discovering its famous lakes

Apart from some popular destinations like the Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy, Uncle Ho Mausoleum or One Pillar Pagoda, these following lakes can also make your trip to Hanoi more interesting. They are the ones create the capital city’s natural beauty

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West Lake - an attractive place you should visit on the weekends

There is no need to visit any special places on the weekends; West Lake in Hanoi is also an interesting destination you should take into account. Whether you are interested in joining in recreational activities, shopping, eating or playing sports, all services available in this place can totally satisfy you.

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